SizeGenetics : FAQ, Review & Results 2018

SizeGenetics Frequently Asked Questions

We have already established the fact that SizeGenetics works. However, there are some questions that I have received in my email concerning some concerns and questions my readers have. So, today, I will be providing answers to them.

Let’s get right to them.

Can SizeGenetics be shipped discreetly?

Yes, SizeGenetics arrives in a plain brown box with nothing but your name and address. So, no need to worry about anyone being able to tell what it contains.

Can SizeGenetics be worn to bed?

If you sleep on your back all through the night, then you can wear this device to sleep and on a lower tension. But, if you prefer sleeping on your sides, then I do not recommend you wear SizeGenetics to sleep.

How soon can I see results?

This is dependent on the individual’s body make and dedication. It’s just like when you work out in the gym. However, you should start seeing results in about 4 months. But you have to be dedicated and wear it for at least 6 hours 6 times a week all the time.

How comfortable is it to wear?

Just with anything new, you may not be exactly thrilled when wearing it for the first time. And this is because it is a new thing that you are introducing to your body. However, I can assure you that SizeGenetics is not in any way uncomfortable to wear. It has a 54-way comfort system that makes it very comfortable to wear. Once you get used to it, you will find that it is a walk in the park.

Must I wear it for 6 hours a day?

No, you must not wear it for 6 hours. You can wear it for more or lesser hours. The key is dedication. Just start at a comfortable level and build your way up to the number of hours you feel you can withstand.

Is there a right SizeGenetics for different people or is it one size fits all?

If your penis falls in between 2 to 9 inches when erect, you can comfortably order SizeGenetics and it will fit. If you are more than 9 inches, then you may need extra parts to be able to fit into the device.

Can an uncircumcised person use SizeGenetics?

Yes, circumcised and uncircumcised people can make use of this device.

Are the results permanent?

This is one promise I can beat my chest while giving. I can tell you confidently that the gains you get with SizeGenetics will remain even when you stop using the device. Since I stopped using mine 3 months ago, I have not lost my gains.

Is SizeGenetics the same everywhere?

No, there are a lot of fakes being circulated online. Some of them sell for the same price as the original SizeGenetics while others sell at a cheaper rate. There is no way to differentiate the fake from the original because these scammers has gone extra mile to make sure they mimick the original. It is only when you use the fake that you will know that it is fake.

The fake is usually painful to wear and can cause permanent damage. To avoid this, make sure you only order from the manufacturer’s website. You can read review here.

Can SizeGenetics be concealed under clothes?

Except you are the type that wear baggy clothing, then concealing SizeGenetics under such clothing will be possible. Otherwise, it is really hard to conceal this device under your normal pant. Most people make use of their SizeGenetics when they are indoors and can therefore put on any loose clothing.

Will I gain in length as well as in girth when using SizeGenetics?

To be honest, you will most likely see increase in the length of your penis when using this device. You will surely gain in girth, but for outstanding girth growth, penis pumps will give you a better result.

What is the age limit for using SizeGenetics?

Anyone between the age of 18 and 70 years can make use of SizeGenetics and still gain from it. If you do not fall within this age bracket, then you might not benefit much from this device.

Will my penis be enlarged when using SizeGenetics?

I take this question to mean an increase in the size of your erection. If that is so, then the answer is yes. This is possible because SizeGenetics expands the corpus cavernosum in the penis to give room for more blood to flow.  This means that the size of your erection will definitely increase.

Will SizeGenetics strengthen curved penis?

Yes, the best devices for correcting curved penis or Peyronie’s disease are penis extenders. Doctors usually recommend penis extenders such as SizeGenetics to people suffering from curved penises and they get results after making use of it for some time.